Design Based Implementation Research

Upcoming NARST Workshop on Research-Practice Partnerships

February 14, 2014

Bill Penuel will be leading a pre-conference workshop at NARST with Andy Shouse (University of Washington), Ted Willard (NSTA), Dan Gallagher (Seattle Public Schools), Kevin Crowley (University of Pittsburgh), Jenn Russell (University of Pittsburgh), and a team of teachers and informal educators called Building a Knowledge Base for NGSS by Fostering Partnerships between Research and Practice.

This workshop will provide guidance to researchers and practitioners about how to develop joint projects to fill gaps in knowledge needed to implement the Next Generation Science Standards successfully. The workshop will provide participants with concrete strategies for: (1) identifying persistent problems of practice from both practitioners’ and stakeholders’ perspectives, (2) developing a collaborative design process that leverages the expertise of practitioners, researchers, subject matter experts in science, and other stakeholders, and (3) formulating design goals that foreground supports for implementation, equity, and diversity.

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