NSELA 2015 Workshop "iHub: A Research-Practice Partnership to Design New NGSS Curriculum"

This bundle includes materials from the session held at the National Science Education Leadership Association meeting in Chicago on March 11, 2015.

Session Description

Many district leaders today are being asked to embark on ambitious efforts to adapt or develop new curriculum materials aligned to the NGSS. Leaders’ time to engage in these efforts is limited; moreover, developing coherent materials requires extensive expertise in both NGSS “shifts” and curriculum design. Partnerships with external organizations that include expertise in science learning and in curriculum can extend district capacity and build science leadership. They require purposeful organization of opportunities for collaboration in devising strategies for curriculum design and co-leading professional development.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be prepared to:
- Identify expertise in their local area needed to design or adapt curricula that is aligned to NGSS
- Organize a design process that includes teachers and that results in a coherent sequence of instructional experiences for students
- Lead activities that simultaneously develop teachers’ understanding of NGSS and new instructional materials


William R. Penuel, University of Colorado Boulder
Sam Severance, University of Colorado Boulder
Heather Leary, University of Colorado Boulder
Patricia Kincaid, Denver Public Schools
Jeffrey Miller, Denver Public Schools
Tiffany R. Lee, University of Colorado Boulder