CSSS 2016 Workshop "Adapting Curriculum for 3 Dimensional Learning"

Below are materials from the workshop, "Adapting Curriculum for 3 Dimensional Learning" held at the Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) National Conference in Nashville on March 31, 2016.

Workshop Description

How can curriculum adaptation approaches support the implementation of a new vision for science education? How can these approaches also be used to foster professional development opportunities for K-12 science teachers? In this workshop, state science leaders participate in discussions about about how to engage networks of teachers in curriculum adaptation and curriculum development to build capacity for equitable 3-D instruction, develop and adapt 3-D formative assessments using “task formats”, and identify anchoring phenomena for instructional units.


William R. Penuel, University of Colorado Boulder
Tiffany Clark, University of Colorado Boulder
Katie Van Horne, University of Colorado Boulder
Philip Bell, University of Washington
Shelley Stromholt, University of Washington