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New Special Topic Collection in AERA Open on Research-Practice Partnerships

AERA Open, an Open Access journal of the American Educational Research Association, has just published a special topic collection on Research-Practice Partnerships. The collection, co-edited by Bill Penuel and Heather Hill, features empirical studies of research-practice partnerships dynamics and outcomes. It addresses a growing need for case studies and comparative research on partnerships in the field, as well as an increasing attention to racial equity in partnership work.

Links to each of the special collection articles appear below:


Penuel, W. R., & Hill, H. C. (2019). Building a knowledge base on research-practice partnerships: Introduction to the special topic collection. AERA Open, 5(4), 1-5.


Blazar, D., & Kraft, M. A. (2019). Balancing rigor, replication, and relevance: A case for multiple-cohort, longitudinal experiments. AERA Open, 5(3), 1–18.

Denner, J., Bean, S., Campe, S., Martinez, J., & Torres, D. (2019). Negotiating trust, power, and culture in a research–practice partnership. AERA Open, 5(2), 1-11.

Farrell, C. C., Harrison, C., & Coburn, C. E. (2019). “What the hell is this, who the hell are you?” Role and identity negotiation in research-practice partnerships. AERA Open, 5(2), 1-13.

Ghiso, M. P., Campano, G., Scheab, E. R., Asaah, D., & Rusoja, A. (2019). Mentoring in research-practice partnerships: Toward democratizing expertise. AERA Open, 5(4), 1–12.

Hopkins, M., Weddle, H., Gluckman, M., & Gautsch, L. (2019). Boundary crossing in a professional association: The dynamics of research use among state leaders and researchers in a research-practice partnership. AERA Open, 5(4), 1–12.

Resnick, A. F., & Kazemi, E. (2019). Decomposition of practice as an activity for research-practice partnerships. AERA Open, 5(3), 1-14.

Thompson, J., Richards, J., Shim, S.-Y., Lohwasser, K., Von Esch, K., Chew, C., Sjoberg, B., Morris, A. (2019). Launching PLC networks: Footholds into creating and improving knowledge of ambitious and equitable teaching practices in a RPP. AERA Open, 5, (3), 1–22.

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